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How can art affect anything? (About the Blog)


Art is not only an important aspect of culture, but it also can influence the development of individuality. Although some would sneer and make fun of the notion, saying things like “art is not necessary” or saying the whole notion is plain cheesy, but these no denying that it exist in out everyday lives. It defines our surroundings and although some may not realize, it can affect our point of views. It doesn’t have to be just on a canvas, art can be anything whether on buildings, with words, or even with living creatures. It can even inspire new ideas or even improve on existing ideas.  Art influences how we view our world and how we would like to change it, whether the means or outcomes end up positively or negatively.

Everything has an aesthetic appeal, it all depends on the who and how you view it. Of course there will be doubters of this notion, but hopefully even the non-artistic savvy viewers will find an appeal. What I hope to achieve in differentiating my blog on the subject is hopefully not just only show and tell, but hopefully to even enlighten and broaden the audience mindset.