Expressions of the Self


Since art in any form is the expression of the self, it is generally viewed as something some what intangible to most, especially to those who aren’t the artists themselves. “Outsiders” which most categorize usually  the everyday person who just isn’t art savvy are usually victims of this.  Because of the “self” view most have on art, it make it tough for people to relate to the art forms unless it directly correlates with their interest. Even then, Art is still usually seen as a luxury that only those who can own or create art can appreciate. That the only kind of art worth noting are the ones displayed in museums. Of course there’s nothing wrong with those are they still very much are master works that deserve to be displayed, what I hope to advocate is to prove that art isn’t just a luxury for the lucky few, but a communal privilege for anyone to understand and hopefully also enjoy. That even the simplest expressions of self can be considered art.


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