Why is Art education important?


With the many budget cuts in education in general, art programs are one of such things that have been hit hardest by these cuts. Many who who support the Arts  are currently and still protesting against these budget cuts as seen with these students of Cortines School of Visual and Performance Arts in an entry of the Los Angelas Times.

Cortines school student protest

Students at the Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts demonstrate against budget cuts. (c) Katie Falkenberg / For The Times

In the article, it talks about that these cuts not only affect the students, but also the teachers of art programs as well. The cuts replaces or lays off teachers, evidently depleting job openings concerning Art education. In extension  this affects the students as they are barred from Art education.

In the EDUCATIONnext entry, we are given in depth explanation on how it can affect students.  Although such examples are broad and may not always be effective, reasons that help one communicate with others do explain why people still love and fight for Art.


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