Have you ever wondered how art has ever applied to the everyday?

Theres’ the common misconception that art is only for the few that can consciously create beautiful things, that they have above then average creative process to think above the normal person. This is untrue as anyone can be applying art to their everyday lives with out even knowing it. Its all about one’s views on aesthetics and ethics.

Art doesn’t only have to be conscious forms of creation. In fact, everything we chose to do and every choice we make to shape our lives is in its own way, a form of art. Instead of being an obvious art form, it can be considered one’s personal aesthetics and ethics. In Aesthetics  and Ethics in Everyday Life by Martin Bartel, he explains that although not everyone has to be the creators, but they still “selects shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and so on”. Even the “consumer” can be artistic with just the innate need for aesthetic fulfillment. According to Bartel, aesthetic needs are centered around our own basic needs.  We can be could even be designing and constructing by habit and not thinking of “the meaning, symbolism, and effects on society”.  Even in Owen Stratches’s post, The Aesthetics of Work, he explains that the creation of your physical environment does matter, from the “cleanness of your desk, the pictures you hang on your wall, the natural lighting you favor over fluorescent lights, the chair in which you sit-“. So even how we set our work assignment can be considered how we shape our life aesthetically.

Of course its not reasonable to always announce such things like planning on how you sleep is a form of art. Since its because they’re everyday habitual tasks that it would be silly to boast about it. But, it is true that one’s life can be a work of art.  Think and  don’t be afraid to  make choices that you believe is your form of expression. Determine the lines between what you see as acceptable and whats not.


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