The Art of Science


More often then not, combining science and art may not be the first thing that people would think would go together. However, this doesn’t have to always be the case. Not only can both subjects can compliment each other, but also can help anyone understand both art and science.

Now, most people already in tuned to understanding science can usually understand just by theory alone. Unfortunately, there’s also the issue where the scientific scoff at the idea of art complimenting science. According to Why scientists should care about art by Johanna Kieniewicz, it even extends to the notion that science research that has anything to do with the arts should not be funded. Now this doesn’t mean that the same people may not appreciate the arts, but they still don’t understand why the two should coincided.

How can Art benefit science?

One benefit is that art can give scientist a cultural understanding of their research. When a scientist have an understanding of the importance of their research, they have more reason to not only continue their research, but also ask the questions on why it is important. For instance, how would their research come into fruition or how it would benefit humanity of the world in general. By extension, by asking more questions that can pertain outside the box, they also can become better communicator. They are able to articulate their ideas to people outside of just the scientific jargon.

Another benefit can pertain to those that are far from the scientific type. When scientist can portray their knowledge visually,  it makes it easier to not only artists to have a better understanding, but also those who just have an easier time learning visually in general. Some good examples can be seen at The Art of Science at Blogspot.

Would this be enough to convince anyone?

Well, probably not everyone. The idea that art and science can work together isn’t always the easiest things for those of different mindsets to completely accept or understand. But  none the less, understand either one also means there is plenty of room to understand and incorporate the other.


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