Benefits of Martial Arts


Martial arts have always been a form of bodily expression. From Karate, to Taekwondo, from Kickboxing, to Judo; theses different forms of combat styles are not only a way of self defense, but if done right and many hours of practice, they can benefit the creative mind.

What are the general benefits of Martial Arts?

In tenaciousmuse’s blog post, “The Benefits of Studying the Martial Arts”, it states that the benefits of learning the martial arts can be beneficial in a couple ways: Discipline, Physical fitness, Self Confidence. And Self defense. While Martial arts have the obvious physical benefits such as fitness and gaining the ability of self defense, it is also affects positively on the mind with teaching Discipline and Self confidence along with the physical training. While its good to get the physical exercise, it takes discipline to keep up with a such regimens. Its also known that when you feel fit and burning energy efficiently, you yourself start to feel good. This in extension brings up one’s self confidence as well. But, this does not mean each and every combat style is equal in terms of psychological benefits. According to Psychosocial Benefits of the Martial Arts: Myth or Reality? By Brad Binder, Ph.D., depending on the teaching methods, a student of the martial arts can either gain positive benefits such as a decrease in aggressiveness and anxiety and an increase in self-esteem, or the total opposite they just end up becoming more aggressive and only gaining self-esteem without the self control. If the values of the art aren’t taught correctly, it can be used irresponsibly and lead to more harm than good.

Now, how is this beneficial to the creative mind?

This goes back to the mental benefits of learning martial arts. Self discipline can help someone who likes to create keep up with their work and self confidence helps them want to expand on their works. Also,  If taught right, it can be considered therapeutic for the one learning the art.  Artist are always not only striving for inspiration, but also the means to keep up their own motivation and avoid the dreaded “Artist block”. Of course, any type of physical activity can have similar effects as learning martial arts, but with it being a combination of both physical and mental training is an ideal way to keep the mind active and fresh.


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