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Housing For Sandy Survivors


social unit

Social Unit (c) Wouter Kalis and Corinne De Korver

In the wake of the devastation due to the recent Hurricane Sandy, many survivors remain displaced or homeless in the face of the impending winter. To combat this issue, Amsterdam based designers Wouter Kalis and Corinne de Korver have came up with progressive shelter designs to meet and help with the demands of the many survivors of the storm.

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Turning Trash Into Holiday Treasures



Zakale Creations, Welcoming Ceremony

“Life is cheap where hope is scarce. And here in Nairobi’s Haruma slum, you have to look hard to find any hope. So much is discarded here; bottles, cans, tires and plastic, but mostly people.”

While the living conditions in a small town in Kenya, Africa may be far from ideal to think of the holidays, people like John Muchero Kangara and Milton Obote have found ways to turn the trash in their Haruma slum into  holiday treasures.

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