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Housing For Sandy Survivors


social unit

Social Unit (c) Wouter Kalis and Corinne De Korver

In the wake of the devastation due to the recent Hurricane Sandy, many survivors remain displaced or homeless in the face of the impending winter. To combat this issue, Amsterdam based designers Wouter Kalis and Corinne de Korver have came up with progressive shelter designs to meet and help with the demands of the many survivors of the storm.

Original post: Huffingtonpost


Turning Trash Into Holiday Treasures



Zakale Creations, Welcoming Ceremony

“Life is cheap where hope is scarce. And here in Nairobi’s Haruma slum, you have to look hard to find any hope. So much is discarded here; bottles, cans, tires and plastic, but mostly people.”

While the living conditions in a small town in Kenya, Africa may be far from ideal to think of the holidays, people like John Muchero Kangara and Milton Obote have found ways to turn the trash in their Haruma slum into  holiday treasures.

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Medical Editorial Illustration


Alexandra Baker Dysphagia

Dysphagia ©Alexandra Baker

Those in the medical field don’t learn how to deal with the ailments of the body through just theory alone. They have to have visual examples in order to understand what they will have to work with. While working on cadavers and dead bodies is the usual hands-on answer, what if such things are not on hand? That’s where medical illustrations come in. With detailed images of the organs, the bones, and even our blood stream,  in medical illustrations give a clear and concise view of what we usually can’t see. Medical editorial illustrations  combine scientific accuracy with artistic license. Usually seen in either journals/magazines or articles, medical editorials can become a bridge between medical illustration and anatomical art.

Original post from Street Anatomy.

Tenor’s Voice Loss Leads To Successful Improvisation


Charles Workman Vienna Opera

Despite what could have been a disastrous set back for the performance of Christoph Willibald Gluck’s “Alceste,” tenor Joseph Kaiser’s sudden voice loss lead to a bit of unexpectedly successful improvisation.
With back up tenor Charles Workman singing from the orchestra pit while Kaiser acting out the role of Admete on stage, they were a able to bring the audience’s attention away sound of a different tenor to the high overall quality of the evening.

Animal Cheat Sheet


image via Rosemary Mosco

In a post from Laughing Squid by Justin Page, field naturalist and cartoonist Rosemary Mosco made a Animal Cheat Sheet comic which helps differentiate and explain  “between certain types of animal species that share similar looks / traits”. While it is usually hard to observe the difference of animals in real life, we depend illustrations and diagrams to make it easier to understand. But, unlike looking at illustrations through something like a text book, by depicting them in a simplified, almost cartoonish style, it makes it easier for anyone to understand on top of it being easier on the eyes.  Simple, yet very informative.

London could destroy Banksy’s valuable Olympic graffiti(?)


“Hackney Welcomes the Olympics” by Banksy

While the world was focused on the Olympics, “London-based street artist and Oscar-nominated documented , Banksy was showing his expression for the Olympics. Street art has long been considered vandalism and thus a crime and because of this, London law enforcement have threatened to take down Banksy’s art.

This may or may not happen due to the fact that Banksy’s “form of self expression has grown from being viewed as a criminal act into a valuable commentary on society”. Well, this and the fact that even Banksy’s original works of vandelism have been sold for over $619,000 in recent London auctions.