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Perpetual Ocean


Produced by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, this video demonstrates how the earth’s tides flow around the world. Although there’s no narration or annotation, NASA’s goal was to use the data to crate a simplified visual learning experience.

Original post from The Art of Science.


Animal Cheat Sheet


image via Rosemary Mosco

In a post from Laughing Squid by Justin Page, field naturalist and cartoonist Rosemary Mosco made a Animal Cheat Sheet comic which helps differentiate and explain  “between certain types of animal species that share similar looks / traits”. While it is usually hard to observe the difference of animals in real life, we depend illustrations and diagrams to make it easier to understand. But, unlike looking at illustrations through something like a text book, by depicting them in a simplified, almost cartoonish style, it makes it easier for anyone to understand on top of it being easier on the eyes.  Simple, yet very informative.